From the director’s desk:
(Founder and chairperson of Strawberry Stop)

When I reflect upon the journey of Strawberry Kidz, it makes me phenomenally happy and proud; it has grown in every way that counts. I was very young when I used to dream about having my own child development center. It all started with the idea of giving tuitions at home to children who were incapable of paying much, and gradually it turned out into a Child Development Centre. It has been 23 years now that I am working for the school. My journey is not only about how I made my dream come true but is also about the hard work, determination, and struggles I faced during this long journey, which is still a long way to go. I cannot thank god enough for all I have been able to do. I wish god gives me more power to impart value-based education for young children. 


My school has managed to mark its presence as something different as it encourages hands-on experience for the children. The programs are developed to help the children discover where, when, and how behind every concept. We believe in the inclusion of every child as well as parents. I believe that each learner is different from the other, and we should never neglect each learner's subjectivity, never compare one to another. I have grown along with my organization. I remember how I used to manage my college alongside managing the school.


As of now, I am a Ph.D. in early childhood care. My husband too, owns an organization for child products and Montessori equipment. My daughters have also now completed their post-graduation in early childhood care and education recently. So, we are all trying to work as a team, which encourages me even more.